Symbolic Wedding Ceremony by the Beach

These intimate ceremonies represent a splendid way to express harmony in a relationship and to experience a soulmate encounter without the pressure of fulfilling any legal document.

Couples celebrating their Honeymoon or Wedding Anniversary on Holbox Island, appreciate these ceremonies as an opportunity to cherish their lives together.

Some others, prefer to get legally married in their home country, then travel abroad for a relaxing Symbolic Wedding and celebrate on the beach by themselves or with family and friends.

During these Ceremonies exist the possibility of exchanging vows, rings and receiving a Symbolic Marriage Certificate.

Wedding Sand or Unity Sand Ceremonies, Unity Candle, Rose Ceremony, Coins and Lazo (traditional Mexican ritual), Stone Ritual, and so on, are some Classic Symbolic Weddings well known.

A Sand Ceremony for example, one of the most popular ones, consists in general, of using two different coloured sand sets to symbolize the Spiritual Unison of Bride and Groom.

The non-Denominational Minister of Faith, addresses a delicate customized Marriage Ritual and when couples declare their vows, one at a time, pour some sand in a cozy glass container until it forms two vials which represent their lives becoming one.

Features for all of the Symbolic Weddings mentioned previously are the following:

  • Processional
  • Presentation of Bride and Groom
  • Welcoming words
  • Opening prayer (optional)
  • Reflection about marriage and love
  • Scripture or poem reading (can be customized) Declaration of Consent
  • Exchange of Vows (can be customized) Presentation and exchange of rings
  • Final blessing or prayer (optional)
  • Signing Marriage Certificate
  • Pronouncement of Husband and Wife Introduction of couple as Husband and Wife Recessional (end of the Ceremony)

Our Symbolic Ceremonies can be fully personalized without any extra charge. Bride and Groom are free to add a love poem, a favorite reading or a romantic song. Inviting a beloved member of their family to be part of the Ceremony is possible and highly recommended.

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Once a Symbolic Wedding reservation is received, a friendly questionnaire about their lives together is emailed to the Couple in order to accomplish a more personalized enchanting Ceremony.

The charming of the Mayan Culture mixed together with the exotic natural energy existing on Holbox Island, the Yucatan Peninsula and part of South America, offer the singular opportunity for couples to experience a Mayan Wedding or a Mystic Wedding Ceremonies available only on these areas in the world.

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  • Beachfront Ceremony
  • Bilingual non -denominational Minister of Faith
  • Symbolic Marriage Certificate
  • Ceremony kit
  • Ceremony pictures


Professional Photographer, Professional Videographer, Bride bouquet, Groom boutonniere, hair flower, Dinner on the beach, catering, toast, first dance, speaker, microphone, arch, petals, music, telescopic flags, etc.

Once your wedding reservation in confirmed we will send you a questionnare that will help the Minister to personalize your ceremony and make it even more intimate and special!


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