Mayan Weddings and Mystic Weddings on Holbox Island

Considered as the charmiest Symbolic Weddings to celebrate love, union, fertility and prosperity, the difference between these two Rituals relies on the languages spoken and some of the material elements used during the Ceremony.

Mayan Weddings usually are celebrated by a Native Shaman (status inherited directly from her/his ancestors) and large part of the Ceremony is in Mayan Language. The ceremony area is decorated with more natural ornaments such as petals, seeds, fruits, shells, honey and flowers.

On the other hand, the Mystic Wedding is guided by a non-Native Shaman, a person highly knowledgeable about the Mayan Culture and in continuous contact with Mother Nature. This Ceremony goes in English language and the elements used are composed by colorful ribbons, flowers and a blanket.

Both Rituals consists of Bride and Groom reaching the altar, where the Shaman will welcome them and explain them the purpose of the ceremony.

Mystic sounds of drums and shells are played while asking the permission from the Four Cardinal points (East, West, North and South) to perform the Ceremony.

The heart of Heaven, the Higher Beings, the heart of Mother Earth and the pure feelings inhabiting in the hearts of the couple, are asked to be part of this moment as well.

In a Mayan Wedding, the Shaman continues by putting a crown made of flowers on the Bride’s head, joins the couple by placing around their shoulders a special flowered Henequen robe (Agave fibre) and then offers them a precious Mayan drink made of honey.

In Mystic Weddings, two of the couple’s closest friends or relatives come to the altar to cover them with a blanket and surround them with seven ribbons with the colors of the rainbow. The blanket symbolizes the universe protecting the couple and the ribbons represent seven rays of blessings from heaven.

During this union the Shaman also nourishes the couple with the Four Elements and offers them presents such as corns and grains, symbolizing endless abundance from Mother Earth.

While praying for their relationship, the Shaman cleanses and purifies the Couple with Copal smoke, and blessed them with water and petals. Traditional native instruments accompany this touching moment of the Ceremony.

Rituals can be customized as per your desire. For example, parents, friends and relatives may express their wishes and advices for the couple at this moment. The Shaman will then remove the robe or blanket and asks the couple, if requested, to exchange rings.

Flowers can be offered to the ocean at the end of the Ceremony to show gratitude to Mother Nature and to the Cosmos for being part of this precious moment.

Ceremonies last approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The music played during the event consists of songs, shells, drums and native traditional instruments. Bare feet, white and comfortable clothing are recommended to let the energy flow freely.

A Symbolic Wedding Certificate is given together with two good luck necklaces as special Wedding presents to remember your Wedding on Holbox Island.


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