Legal or Civil Wedding

Civil marriage is the only type of Wedding considered as Legal in México and must be performed by a Justice of the Peace from the Island’s Vital Records Office (Civil Registry). The Marriage Certificate received is valid worldwide through an Apostille from the Government of the State of Quintana Roo.

Legal Civil Weddings in Cancun

Required Documentation to Get Legally Married on Holbox Island:

  • Valid Passports from Bride and Groom
  • Blood tests and Medical Certificates for Bride and Groom. Must be done in Mexico and they are valid only for 7 days
  • 4 Witnesses, when they are not from México must have a proof of citizenship such as passports, driving license, etc
  • Marriage Application forms (provided by the Vital Records Office)
  • Sworn declarations (sworn statement). It applies when any of the contracting parties have a divorced or widowed civil status.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When a couple wishes their Marriage Certificate to show their PARENTS full name and nationality, it is REQUIRED to bring the Bride and Groom birth certificates, Apostilled in country of origin and translated to Spanish (Mexican Spanish) by an approved translator.

After the Ceremony, the Marriage Certificate issued must be submitted to the State of Quintana Roo Home Affairs Office for its authentication and Apostille. This procedure takes approximately 2 weeks and it is included in our services. The Certificate is sent to the couple’s home address as soon as we receive it.



  • Beachfront Ceremony
  • Justice of the Peace fees & gratitudes
  • Legal Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Certificate for Bride and Groom
  • Prenuptial Blood Test for Bride and Groom
  • All Wedding Coordination
  • Marriage Certificate Apostille
  • Courier service

Our services in this package ALSO include assistance 24/7 with all your Wedding details and required documents, wedding application forms, paperwork, hotel pick up to take you to the lab and to the Civil Registry to deliver the documents previous to the Wedding date. Drop back is included as well.

UP GRADES AVAILABLE: Professional Photographer, Professional Videographer, Bride bouquet, Groom boutonniere, hair flower, Dinner on the beach, catering, toast, first dance, candle, decorations, speaker, microphone, gazebo, petals, music, telescopic flags, etc.


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The Hague Convention abolished the Requirement for the Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, adopted in The Hague, The Netherlands, on October 5, 1961. Known as the Apostille Convention, the Contracting Countries exempt from legalization of public documents that must be presented in their territories, requiring as sole formality the setting of the apostille. On August 1995, Mexico became part of this Convention and since then, couples from countries members, getting married in México and requiring to present in their country of origin a document of their Legal Wedding are to get their Marriage

Certificate apostilled. The apostille in Mexico is a stamp pasted on the back of the document which states that the names and signatures shown on the document are from an official authority in the country.